Our history

Our first structure was created in 1999. Over the years, we have been keen to develop the resources of our company in order to become a recognized player on the market. Our determination to satisfy our customers has led us to expand the technical and intellectual resources of our company. In 2012, we changed the status of the CRDM entity, which became an limited company in order to adapt it to the size of the organisation. We have also developed different structures for the research, development and marketing of our products depending on the geographical location. We have three production sites in Switzerland, Germany and Italy depending on the type of products developed.

As specialist in very low energy consumption, our approach is to create privileged partnerships with experts in the field in order to develop cutting-edge technologies. CRDM’s structure offers great flexibility in adapting our resources, allowing us to be very responsive to market needs. Composed of engineers and state doctors in electronics, technicians, developers, designers and salespeople, our partner teams are always ready to be deployed to put their skills at the service of new projects. Our philosophy and our know-how have enabled us to retain our customers in a market where low-cost production often outweighs quality.