Why iot with CRDM

Low consumption product

We are specialized in very low consumption thanks to our latest generation components.

Last generation component

Last generation low consumption component

Component that withstands high temperatures

Component studied for operation at constant high temperature

Long battery life

Battery can last several years depending on shipment


Our radios can communicate under different European radio protocols, OMS, Lorawan, SIGfox etc..

Associated sensor number

We know how to associate several sensors per module, which allows product optimization

Production capacity and flexibility

Our 3 production sites can adapt volumes from a few pieces to several thousand

Product quality

All production sites are ISO 9001 certified

Product with high encryption capability

Our product can support encryption keys (multiple or not according to the European standards in force)

Why a BigData Manager with CRDM

a global experience

For several years we have been managing several million data in our database with filters and sorting optimized according to customers

BigData expertise

The volumes of several million data and hundreds of thousands daily obliges us to strict rules such as duplication, monitoring of incidents etc.

data volume

several hundreds of thousands of data per day across Europe

management of numerous data by numerous products

Our referencing makes it possible to manage multiple sensors which return many different information

mix sources of supply

Our different production sites allow us to have several sources of components

CRDM's national and international communication solutions

Different means of data communication

Our own SIM APN B to B network allows us to communicate throughout Europe with continuous monitoring and fixed prices

ultra secure

Our private apn, our secure servers and our strong level of encryption plus our behavioral AI allow us to secure the entire line of communication

communication rate according to the data used

Our customers have the advantage of having fixed prices and therefore avoid supprises even in the event of an important shipment.

Why choose CRDM in harsh environment or critical environment specialty

Deep reeding specialist

We have been chosen by large cities and companies for the mechanical resistance and performance of our products, which can be in direct sunlight for several hours and operate normally despite temperatures above 70°C.

humidity and heat

Our IP68 waterproof boxes can be positioned outdoors both at -20C° and at + 70C°

underground environment

Our quality of our RF stages allow us to pass through many obstacles, our antenna design too

outdoor environment (high exposure)

Resistant to UV, rain, snow

Made-to-measure its advantages and disadvantages

adaptability of the response to the customer

Like a peltier effect gateway that feeds itself according to outside temperatures