Isolated Pulse Splitter-duplica

Doubles an incoming signal into two identical signals.

This box with solid connectors and a specific design prevents any deterioration of the product during installation. It will allow you to duplicate a signal even at very high frequency with a low cost. The two switches are accessible to indicate whether you want to duplicate the signal once or twice, this is the only adjustment to be made. Its high frequency filter filters the parasitic signals which are generated on the cables. The box receives a single signal and duplicates it, in order to be able to connect several products to a single meter, for example. It is waterproof and 100% self-sufficient in energy for a period of 10 years.


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Technical specifications
  • Design : IP67 housing
  • Operating range : between -30C° and +70°C
  • Autonomy : 10 years
  • Minimum pulse duration : 25ms
  • Technologies : wired
The advantages of the product
  • Small and compact.
  • Waterproof and robust to temperature variations, its working environment is between -30°C and + 70C°
  • The functionalities of this product allow it to be installed by the thousands to duplicate signals from water meters, energy meters or any other type.