Sigfox SmartMeter Emergency button

It allows you to call the emergency services in the event of an accident or the company's SST.

As soon as the button is triggered, a signal is sent to all security actors, so the emergency services know who is intervening, who is on site, actions are faster to coordinate.


  • OMS
  • Sigfox


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Technical specifications
  • Frequency : 868Mhz
  • Encryption : AES 128 or 256 or none as per customer request
  • Technology : WHO-SIGFOX
The advantages of the product
  • Allows you to act quickly, avoids panic because as soon as the button is pressed, emergency dispatches are automated.
  • The first responders know immediately where to intervene and coordination is perfectly organised.
  • Between triggering and alerts less than 45 seconds elapse.
  • Ideal tool for companies, public places or temporary events.