SmartMeter Gateway with TRT200 Input

This product is dedicated to monitoring superheated water and steam networks.

This tool allows, for example, the detection of high or low levels in a sump. It can also control the following parameters: flooding, pressure, temperature, traps, power failures. I
l recovers signals by wired RXT link to send them back by 3 different radio protocols simultaneously. It generates its own energy through the Peltier effect, this self-sufficiency makes the device autonomous but above all gives it the energy necessary to communicate simultaneously under different radio protocols such as Lora / Sigfox and the Umts 4G / 5G network


  • OMS
  • LoraWAN


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Technical specifications
  • Design : IP67, having a watertight RXT type wired input and resistant to a maximum temperature of 100°C
  • Operating range : between -40C° and +90°C
  • Technologies : Wired-radio-4G
The advantages of the product
  • Safety and monitoring product for overheated water networks, redundancy system as in aviation.
  • The signals are sent by channels and frequencies completely independent of the others, in order to guarantee the arrival of the alarms whatever the communication difficulties encountered.
  • The system with its AI allows it to self-monitor and check the various shipments.
  • Ideal tool to avoid all accidents due to external events and above all self-sufficient in energy thanks to its peltier system.