SmartMeter Gateway

Concentrator allowing the reception of radio modules located in its environment.

It compresses data and referrals via a 3G-4G-5G-Umts network. Its box can be installed both outdoors and indoors up to levels -5 and more. This box is self-sufficient in energy, its low energy consumption and its self-control gives it great energy autonomy. Controllable remotely, this box can receive different remote configurations according to the customer’s needs.


  • OMS
  • LoraWAN
  • Sigfox


H0E-002-004-OMS / H0E-002-004-SIG-OMS-ETH / H0E-002-00x-Lora-OMS
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Technical specifications
  • Design : IP68 radio hub
  • Operating range : from -30°C to 85C°
  • Frame : allows you to receive C1, T1, S1, Lora frames
  • Frequency : 868 Mhz band with spread spectrum
  • Antenna : external possible on data inputs and outputs, tools optimized for bi-directional
  • Update : Allows remote exchanges and configurations without on-site intervention
  • Energy : either on its own battery packs with BMS, or on mains or a mixture of the two
  • Technologies : 3G-4G-5G-Umts
The advantages of the product
  • Already distributed in several thousand copies in Europe, this product can detect any IOT object in T1, C1 S1, Lora modes.
  • Does not require any field programming, it is plug and play.