SmartMeter receiver

This repeater can collect up to 6 different modules

It returns the data set through the SIGFOX communication band. It makes it possible to receive frames from different modules. The repeater compiles them and sends them through the Sigfox network, this amounts to making a mini network.


  • OMS
  • Sigfox


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Technical specifications
  • Frequency : 868Mhz
  • Encryptions : AES 128 or 256 or no encryption at all if the client wishes.
  • Technology : WHO / Sigfox
The advantages of the product
  • For a single communication cost, the repeater offers the possibility of reading several meters
  • Allows data to be traced from hard-to-reach areas, eg level -4 and even higher
  • It is 100% self-sufficient in energy and it only works on batteries.