SmartMeter USB Dongle

USB programming key for radio modules.

This key has several functions, it allows you to program radios remotely via a radio link, under the LoRa/OMS/SIGFOX protocols. It also allows you to read the programmed radios in order to check that the parameters are correct. It allows to prepare the ModBus fields in order to download them in the modules


  • OMS
  • LoraWAN
  • Sigfox


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Technical specifications
  • Design : USB Key
  • Operation : under Windows or Android with micro USB adapter. Works with MeterConfiguration software.
  • Programming radio range : 50 meters
  • Technologies : OMS / LoRawan / Sigfox
The advantages of the product
  • Easy and discreet, this USB key can be connected either to a PC or to an Android.
  • Offers great flexibility of use compared to competing systems.
  • It allows radios installed in hard-to-reach places to be programmed without having to physically connect to the product or move it.